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Increase staff convenience by designing more comfortable and customizable workspaces, backed by insights on staff interaction and movement, captured through sensors.

Help improve workplace efficiency and employee productivity by automating redundant tasks and providing a healthier work environment.


Draw key insights around preferences and decision-making behaviors of end consumers, such as identifying ‘buyers’ and ‘browsers’ by using footpath technologies.

Provide smart offers and enhanced information on parking availability using mobile phones and beacons based on knowledge about end-customer location and condition.


Improve space design and tenant experience by using insights captured through smart devices and sensors on personal habits such as consumption, health stats, movement, etc.

Provide preemptive maintenance and automated maintenance request management and enable renters to remotely customize and personalize their home environment through IoT-enabled appliances.


Enable safety tools for workers and visitors at facilities with training and virtual guide capabilities.

Ensure accurate forms are filled digitally and track the complex chain of movements of people and items across large facilities.

Digital Twin and IoT support a connected and interactive smart industrial building.