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Digital Facility Management

We remain determined to connect people, infrastructure and resources across a digital ecosystem.

Improve occupant satisfaction and productivity with industry-leading customizable mobile services.

Innovative and comprehensive user experience with solutions that are ready for AI controls and prepare your systems for future enterprise services.

Connected products enabling building stakeholders to easily adapt to tenant requests and securely connect to an increasing number of devices within the network.

Our Development Process

Discovery & Scoping

Business Issues, analysis & research
Feasibillity assessment
Requirements Mapping

Architecture & Design

UI / UX / Requirements

Wireframes Map

Visual Design & layout

Asset Mapping (2D, 3D etc)

Information Architecture

Data Respository plan

Functionality Mapping

Platform funtionality
Cross Device tracking
Analytics & Dashboards
Web & Mobile Compatibility

Interactive Prototyping

Sample prototypes for efficient communication

Review, feedback & iteration until desired results achieved

Development & Testing

Technical Implementation
3 step testing plan: technical, on field & User
Data tracking and analysis framework

Launch & Maintenance

Maintenance plan

Scalability potential via rapid feature integration

Our Values


What our clients say about us

Marc Meier
Accountant & Tax Expert

The unique approach from NovaZona allows for a tailored implementation and support program based on the overall goals and strategies of each client’s needs.
The difference is definitely significant compared to anyone else on the market.

Nick Frey
Hotel Owner

Friendly, Creative and Effective!
I was also very amazed how much care and effort they make after sales.
They really take the time and are interested to bring the best possible solution to each discussion point.
Thanks for understanding our needs!

Jeff Daniel Manfred

Thanks to NovaZona we have gone digital!
Employees can use mobile applications to reserve their workspace or meeting room and more.
We also have access to our facility remotely.
Great solutions and great working with you guys!

Eveline Neuenberger

We are happy to have engaged you for your services and have really made a great investment which is already brining benefits to us.
Your creativity and technical wizards absolutely amazed us.
We are also very pleased to see you following up with us as a sign of loyalty.

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